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Manage your energy costs:

An innovative programme that enables optimisation of the energy costs in breeding thanks to spray feed that is rehydrated at 45 °C.

The Lactalis’s OptiK45° concept is the result of the Kenaveau (Energy Consumption for veal calf feed) research programme that won Innov’space 2015.

Kenaveau results from a unique partnership between research institutes, energy and environmental organisations, and French milk replacer manufacturers. It puts forward a nutritional solution that reduces the energy cost of breeding by 72% using ‘low temperature’ milk replacers that are rehydrated at 45 °C, combined with renewable energies such as solar power.

The Kenaveau concept has been put in place for the EURO milk replacer ranges through the OptiK45° programme:

  • Babilac range: Optik Growth and Optik Finish
  • Prestilac range: Prestilac Growth 2.0 and Prestilac Finish 2.0

Establish safeguards with the SDR (Reinforced Starter Safety) nutritional pack

Demedicalisation in farms is an ever-increasing problem. It is also at the centre of Lactalis Feed’s concerns. They chose to stop producing medicated milk replacers in 2012.

How to strengthen the immune system of young calves?

Aware of client expectations and keen to provide innovative and effective solutions, Lactalis Feed’s R&D department has developed feed containing the SDR nutritional pack enriched with immunoglobulins to boost calf health and prevent diarrhoea. The SDR starter feed has proven its worth within the Lactalis Feed butcher network with a one-third reduction in veterinary treatment, and a 40% reduction in the cost of the same treatment.

Thanks to this experience acquired in close collaboration with our partner clients, today we are a leader in modern techniques that lead to the profitability and performance of professional veal calf workshops.

Assess yourself thanks to EUROVO technical references

The relevance of the EUROVO offer for veal calf professionals has been reinforced through the completion of a catalogue of references to illustrate the performance of the various feed programmes and veal calf rearing techniques used by our clients.

These references cover the entire range of milk replacers for veal calves including Prestilac, Optilac, Babilac and Lactomix and are from all over France:
Brittany, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées, Rhône-Alpes, Franche-Comté…

Your sales representative is available to inform you of the results of this technical reference.