Who are we

Lactalis Feed: The beginnings of breeding

As a member of the Lactalis Group, Lactalis Feed enables you to make the most of an extensive resource of dairy ingredients with unrivalled expertise in dairy technologies.

Our rise is also part of the strong growth of the Lactalis Ingredients division.

To nourish your growth, Lactalis Feed develops solutions that meet your specific requirements: milk replacers for veal calves, breeding calves, lambs, and kids, and dairy cores for piglets. The EUROVO milk replacer ranges are designed and elaborated by us to guarantee you optimum technical and economic results.

Controlling supply sources and manufacturing processes reinforces the quality of our finished products (homogeneity, stability, fluidity, digestibility, etc.).

French leader in the manufacture of milk replacers for rearing and fattening young animals, Lactalis Feed is present in 45 countries around the world. Our position in the export market is consolidated with more than 300 containers exported each year. (Photo containers?)

Our rise is part of the dynamic development of Lactalis, the world leader in dairy products with a turnover of €18.5 billion.


Today, the Lactalis Group is the world leader in the cheese sector.

in 51 countries


in 94 countries



billion litres

Milk collection

World No.

1 on the cheese market

Our values and vision

The Lactalis Group is a family business founded in 1933 in Laval in western France. Today, the company is managed by the third generation of visionary entrepreneurs. At Lactalis Feed, we share the group’s values and vision, notably: Ambition and Commitment through Simplicity

We believe in:

  • Continually seeking results along with global and individual growth on both a commercial and personal level.
  • Demonstrate individual and collective entrepreneurship, tenacity, responsibility, and loyalty.
  • To act in an open, transparent, pragmatic manner with a sense of togetherness on a daily basis.

3 international brands



Dedicated to dairy for more than 80 years
André Besnier creates the Besnier Group
Start of milk replacer production in Retiers (Ille et Vilaine) and start of Bridel brand activities.
Bridel became part of the Besnier Group. Creation of the Eurovo brands of milk replacers and beginning of the veal calf activity.
The Besnier Group became Groupe Lactalis.
Foundation of a new Lactalis Feed entity and international growth.
Transfer of Tendraide meat activities by the group and membership of the Lactalis Ingredients department.
Overhaul of the Eurovo brand