Our products

A complete range of products adapted to each situation.

Our range of milk replacers 

We offer a range of powdered milk replacers to be reconstituted for distribution to suckling animals or in the nursery.

  • Porcilac NEO
  • Porcilac PRÉMIUM


Our range of dairy cores

Our dairy cores are a mix of mainly dairy raw materials, specifically chosen for their digestibility. They can be perfectly integrated into your piglet feed formulas.

Two product ranges depending on the protein source:


High potential and boosted results

  • Encapsulated fats
  • Dairy Protein (from whey or casein) and lactose
  • For high performance goals
  • Porcilac Optimo
  • Porcilac Dairy
  • Porcilac F40
  • Porcilac 72
  • Porcilac 883


Results and savings combined

  • Encapsulated fats
  • Highly digestible dairy or plant proteins
  • Extruded or micronised lactose and starches


  • Porcilac 20/20 EX-L
  • Porcilac Super 20
  • Porcilac Energy