Our products

Choose from our range of products: PRESTILAC, OPTILAC and BABILAC and aim for performance.

We have ranges of milk replacers and fibrous feed that are suited to the animals’ nutritional requirements and meet your technical and economic performance requirements as much as possible.

PRESTILAC and OPTILAC are traditional ranges of milk replacers containing skim milk powder and highly digestible dairy products for fattening high quality calves.

PRESTILAC corresponds to the range of products traditionally known as ’Feed 50’, for feed with a high SMP content.


OPTILAC corresponds to the range of products traditionally known as ’Feed 35’, for feed with a balance of skim milk powder and whey.

The specificity of these products lies in the coagulating properties linked to the content and quality of the Skim Milk Powders used. Assured expertise.

BABILAC is a range of whey-based milk replacer that combines results AND performance. This draws on the synergy between milk replacers and fibrous foods. It guarantees growth performance, carcass quality, animal welfare and optimal working conditions for the breeder.