As a member of the Lactalis Group, Lactalis Feed enables you to make the most of an extensive resource of dairy ingredients with unrivalled expertise in dairy technologies.

Controlling supply sources and manufacturing processes reinforces the quality of our finished products (homogeneity, stability, fluidity, digestibility, etc.).


Lactalis Feed implements cutting-edge technologies that serve the efficiency of its products and the competitiveness of your business.

As part of our international development, and in order to guarantee the quality of our products across the world, our Retiers site is equipped with a tropical chamber. This tool means we can test our raw materials and finished products for their resistance to caking and oxidation. This is to guarantee quality products for our customers.

Re-fattening and drying of dairy products using liquid offers significant advantages in terms of technicality and practicality: easier solubility, better digestibility, fluidity in the feed circuits, excellent product stability due to the protection of the fat content…


Our research and development centre, specialised in dairy products, is part of a continuous process of investigation and innovation.

Before development, new products and breeding techniques are tested by the Lactalis Feed breeders’ club, per sector: breeding calves, veal calves, lambs, kids, and piglets.

The presence of the R&D hub at the Rétiers factory brings true scientific expertise but also essential technical support in our innovation dynamics, always as a commitment to optimum quality.

Our partnership with the Institute of Animal Husbandry allows us to carry out tests that constantly feed the advances in applied research that Lactalis Feed makes available, as a priority, to our partner clients.


Our milk replacers meet the highest quality standards. Our products are manufactured by La Société Laitière in Rétieres, which is RCNA/OQUALIM certified. It meets the HACCP quality approach standards.

All our ingredients and finished products are inspected by our ISO 14001-certified analysis laboratory.

No GMO (<0.9% GMO) raw materials are used to manufacture our feeds.

The internal and external control procedures implemented within Lactalis Group companies go beyond regulatory obligations.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority: quality is our trademark.