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How to use a milk replacer

For correct use of milk replacer in an automatic distributor (bottle or bucket with teats)

  • Temperature control
  • Hot water at 50 °C (to be adjusted depending on the device: water coming out of the teats should not be too hot, in this case water at 45 °C/50 °C)
  • Distribution temperature 42 °C in the teats

Caution: Monitor temperatures weekly

Control of milk replacer concentration

  • Calibrating the water and powder quantities:
    • Water quantity: the machine will automatically calibrate the quantity of water but be aware of variations linked to water pressure and check that pipes and preparation bowls are not clogged.
    • Powder quantity: manual calibration. The machine requires a quantity of powder to be weighed and the result to be recorded (suggestion: repeat three times in a row to record an average weight).
  • Monitoring concentration is mandatory.


For correct use of milk replacer in a BUCKET (bottle or bucket with teats)

1) Preparation

Pour the necessary quantity of water at a temperature of 50 °C into a clean bucket.

2) Mix

Add the quantity of weighed powder and stir energetically for roughly thirty seconds.

Use a mixer to stir for a few minutes.

3) Distribution

Feeding at a temperature of 42 °C.