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Since the 1960s, Lactalis Feed has been developing and producing milk replacers for use with young calves, lambs, kids, and piglets. With years of experience, Lactalis Feed boasts recognition in France and worldwide for the quality of its feeds and the technical support provided to breeders who use Lactalis Feed products to feed their young animals.

Lactalis Feed benefits from the industrial and technical expertise of the Lactalis Group, world leader in dairy products, supplying all the raw dairy materials adapted to the nutrition of young animals and necessary for the manufacture of feeds. Thanks to this expertise, Lactalis Feed’s clients can rest assured: the traceability and quality of raw materials and their specifications correspond to the nutritional needs of young animals.

Historically linked to the production and nutrition of veal calves, Lactalis Feed rapidly came to specialise in young animal nutrition with milk replacers for pre-weaning heifers, small ruminants, and piglets.

The technical solutions developed by Lactalis Feed mean that dairy farmers can increase their milk deliveries while optimising the growth of young animals and their technical and economic performance thanks to tailor-made formulas.

Lactalis Feed also develops solutions for piglets to meet farmers’ technical demands and expectations, enabling them to improve their return on investment.

Innovation and technical monitoring are central to our requirements to help producers optimise feed use and improve performance.