Lactalis Feed, France’s largest producer of milk replacers for young animals under the brands Eurovo and Lactapro, nourish high ambitions for your calves, kids, lambs and piglets.

Lactalis Feed sells its products in 40 countries across the world. Our rapid growth is part of the strong development demonstrated by the Lactalis group, which with its international influence is the world N°1 dairy group.



21 June 2016
La conjoncture laitière reste fortement déprimée en raison d’une offre abondante. Cependant la demande au niveau mondial reste soutenue malgré des échanges internationaux perturbés par l’embargo russe et la demande chinoise qui a fortement ralentie. Cette dernière a tendance à repartir depuis quelques semaines, ainsi que leur production porcine, forte consommatrice de produits du sérum.
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NEWSLETTER N°8 – January 2016

29 January 2016
World milk powder and whey prices recovered slightly in September and October before falling back again in November/December, coinciding with peak milk production in New Zealand.
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29 October 2015
DAIRY ECONOMY UPDATE After several months of gloom due to excess milk production coupled with lower global demand, the dairy ingredients market is showing some renewed activity. Could this be the first sign of a turning tide?
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