Eurovo is engaged in organic farming

The LACTALIS group is a leader in France for the collection of certified organically farmed cow’s milk and is the top processor in this market segment.

Based on this observation, LACTALIS FEED seeks to support breeders who are part of this process by offering a range of certified products to meet the economic and zootechnical constraints of organic farming. The main constraints:

  • Whole milk is incredibly rich in fat and not necessarily adapted to breeding renewal heifers with the goal of calving at 24 months.
  • Insufficient milk production to meet market demand. The milk produced can be valued by the dairy sector rather than through heifer breeding.

In compliance with the specifications, LACTALIS FEED can offer:
EUROVO ORGANIC DUOMILK: A feed that is a complement to whole milk for the heifer breeding.
EUROVO ORGANIC PRESTI: A complete feed for heifer or doe breeding when the mother’s milk cannot be used.